Sookja Kim Chung

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導師簡歷CV :
Sookja Kim Chung

Macao Young Scholars Program 2021



Ref. No.: MYSP-2021-057

Section 1: Personal Particulars

*Name in Chinese:


*Name in English:

Sookja Kim Chung

*Academic Rank:







Mailing Address:

Avenida Wai Long


Macau University of Science and Technology


MUST-Faculty of Medicine

Administrative Post:

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Research Project provided for Macao Youth Scholars Program:

*Project Name in Chinese:

退化性神经和代谢性病变的机制: 干细胞和药物研发

*Project Name in English:

Pathogenic Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative and metabolic Diseases: Stem Cell and Drug Discovery

*Academic Discipline (Primary):

1001  基础医学

Academic Discipline (Secondary, for reference):

|1002  临床医学|1006  中西医结合

Special requirement for the postdoctoral fellow candidates:

The candidate should have a good background in biomedical science.  And the candidate must be able to do bench work and appreciate beautiful data.  It would be helpful, if the candidate has some background in use of genetically engineered mice to understand the function of genes, the pathogenesis of diseases and their use for drug discovery.  If the candidate has some background in stem cell biology and neurodegenerative diseases would also be helpful.

Academic Qualifications:

PhD, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Chicago, U.S.A.; M.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, U.S.A.; B.A., Lewis University, Lockport, IL, U.S.A.

Professional Accomplishments, honors, awards and patents:

Professor Sookja K. Chung received B.A. double major in Biology and Chemistry, M.A. in Biochemistry (Chemistry) and PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology (Cell biology as a major and Neuroscience as a minor) at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois in Chicago. She received NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Northwestern Medical School in Chicago. And she received a prestigious Winston Foundation Fellowship at The Rockefeller University in New York, U.S.A. She then moved to Hong Kong to work at Institute of Molecular Biology at The University of Hong Kong in 1991. Her research is notable for its powerful impact in several fields of medicine and science. The originality of her research is based on her great ability to generate and phenotype transgenic and knockout mice simulating a battery of human diseases. Her publications have appeared in top-tier journals, and she served as editorial board member and reviewers of numerous journals and grants.  She delivered numerous invited lectures globally and served as a committee members of International Symposiums.  She was also active in postgraduate teaching, and served as a member of Higher Degree Committee at HKU. Indicative of her great teaching acumen, students whom she has trained have won numerous awards and hold Professorships.  Professor Chung has taught Histology at HKU for MBBS, TCM, Nursing, Biomedical Sciences, and Biomedical Engineering students for 28yrs.  She was the coordinator for Histology practical at HKU. Currently, she teaches Histology combined with Anatomical Pathology at the Medical Faculty of Macao University of Science & Technology. She has co-authored in PNAS, Diabetes, MCB, JBC, FASEB J, J. Neuroscience, J. American Society for Nephrology, Current Drug Targets, Nature Cell Biol., J. Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, JCI, Nature Communication, J Neuroinflammation, etc. She serves as editorial board member and reviewer for numerous journals (over 30)


Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Macau University of Science & Technology Honorary Professor at School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Hong Kong

Honorary Professor at Air Force Military Medical University in Xian, China

Adjunct Professor at Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University, United International College in Zhuhai, China

Honorary Professor at Chung-Nam Medical University in Daejeon, South Korea

Honorary Professor, Dept Ophthalmology, The University ofHong Kong, HK

Research Fellow (equivalent to Honorary Professor), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Visiting professor at College of Medicine, Anatomy, Korea University, Korea


Serve as

Coordinator for Overall Postgraduate Studies, Anatomy, HKU, HK

Chairman of Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee at Dept.

                         Anatomy, The University of Hong Kong, HK

Member of Faculty Higher Degree Committee, Faculty of Medicine, The

                          University of Hong Kong, HK

Internal Reviewer for RGC, Faculty of Medicine, HKU

Member of management committee for HBHA Research Center, Faculty of

                         Medicine, The University of Hong Kong, HK

Coordinator of research group for Degeneration and regeneration Coordinator of research group for Diabetes and its complications

Management Committee for the Area of Excellence in Molecular

                          Neuroscience (hosting Institution, HKUST, and directed by Prof. Nancy Ip)

Management Committee for the Theme-based Research Scheme (TBRS)

                 Project “Stem Cell Stem for Nervous System Disorder” (T13-607/12R)



Norman and Rosita Winston Fellowship (1988-1991), The Rockefeller University

Academic Scholarship (1974 - 1978), Lewis University

International Molecular Biology Network, elected member



1.     Sookja Kim Chung, Stephen Chung and Chihiro Hibi, Preventive or therapeutic agent for cerebral ischemic injury or cerebral ischemia reperfusion in stroke, Filed on Aug 30, 2007, Patent No. 000144577

2.     Sookja Kim Chung, Stephen Chung and Chihiro Hibi, Protective agent for retinal nerve or optic nerve, Patent Application 20100216856, 08/26/2010

3.       Ip, Nancy Y, Ip, Fanny Chui Fun, Hu, Yueqing, Han, Yifan, Chung, Sookja Kim        Heterodimers and methods of using them, United States Patent 7605265, Oct 20,       2009

4.    Sookja Kim Chung, Stephen Chung and Chihiro Hibi, Protective agent for retinal         nerve or optic nerve, European Patent Application, 13155114.5-1464, 23.04.13

5.    Licensing of aldose reductase-deficient Schwann cell line (IKARS1) in collaboration with Prof. Kazunori Sango, Japan to Applied Biological Materials Inc. (“Licensee”), with offices located at 1-3671 Viking Way Richmond, B.C.V6V 2J5 Canada.


Section 2: Research Interests and Grants

Major Research Interests:

Molecular medicine;

Pathogenesis of human diseases;

Drug discovery for neurodegenerative conditions;

Regenerative medicine: stem cells for stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s and depression

Gene function and genetic diseases using the mouse genetics

Number of Current PhD Students:


Number of PhD Trained:


Number of Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised:


*Research Grants for MYSP: (Please include project titles, funding sources, reference number, funding amounts and duration)

SK Chung (PI), NSFC, Endothelin-1 and tanshinone IIA, Chinese RMB 540,000, Jan 2018 to Dec 31, 2021

Pending grant from FDCT, Macau