Macao Young Scholars Program

Proposed Timetable for 2021


11 December 2020
The Secretariat announces the application of the 2021 Macao Young Scholars Program (2021 MYSP) to academics in Macao universities via e-mail message.

10 January 2021
Deadline for academics to submit the application form to the Secretariat of 2021 MYSP via website.

January 2021
The Secretariat uploads the lists of Macao Supervisors on websites for information.
The Chinese Postdoctoral Council announces the Program and invites Mainland PhD graduates to apply directly or through recommendations from his/her own university or research institute.

March 20201
Deadline for Mainland PhD graduates to submit the application to the Chinese Postdoctoral Council.

April-May 2021
The Chinese Postdoctoral Council forms the Assessment (or Expert) Committee to review and short-listed Mainland candidates.  

May-June 2021
The Secretariat provides a list of the short-listed Mainland candidates to Macao Supervisors.
Macao Supervisors inform the Secretariat their decisions.

July 2021
The Secretariat compiles the supervisors’ decisions and passes the information to the Academic Committee to select the final list of “Macao Scholars”, and then submit the list to the Chinese Postdoctoral Council.

August 2021
The Secretariat and The Chinese Postdoctoral Council announce a list of success “Macao Scholars”. Macao Supervisors make appropriate appointment with their respective universities to hire the Scholars as Postdoctoral Fellow for a fixed term of two years.

August-November 2021

The Scholars apply visa upon receiving the appointment letter.

November-December 2021

Macao Supervisor informs the Secretariat when the Scholar arrives and starts his/her research work in Macao.