The Association for Promotion of Science and Technology of Macau


       The Association for Promotion of Science and Technology of Macau (MAPST) webite link :   www.mapst.org

       The Association for Promotion of Science and Technology of Macau (MAPST) is founded in October, 1997. On September 11st, MAPST is organized by the researchers from medical sector, the engineering sector, and from the University of Macau’s Institute of Science and Technology, and was registered with the City Council of the Island Municipality. On October 16th, MAPST will register with the Identification Department of the Macau Government. Formally became a legitimate organization in Macau.

        MAPST’s members are professional in science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and other disciplines, involving professors, doctors, physicians, senior engineers, landscape architects and other different identities. MAPST, composed of a group of scientific and technical professionals, aims to: carry out academic exchanges, popularize scientific knowledge, promote the application of advanced technologies, encourage and organize science educational activities, and improve the scientific and cultural literacy of all citizens, continuously follow up international technological trends, and improve Macau’s science and technology professionalism; strive to promote the integration of science, technology and economy, give play to the role of the first productive forces of science and technology, promote the development of Macau's economy; create conditions for Macau's scientific and technical personnel to display their special events, and safeguard and strive for their legitimate rights and interests. MAPST gives play to the Role of Macau as a Bridge between Chinese and Western Cultures in Macau. The role is to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges between Macau and the European Community countries, the Portuguese-speaking countries and the rest of the world.

       Over the years, MAPST have firmly established in the concept of "serving Macau." After years of hard work, MAPST has established a number of brand-name activities, including “Distinguished Chinese Scientists Lecture Series” and “Macau Youth Science Books Reading Awarding Activities”, to guide the public, especially the young generation, into the vast expanse of science and promote the public’s scientific interest. For the younger generation, MAPST actively organize various kinds of popular science education activities such as the Youth University Science Camp, the “Macau Youth Comprehensive Robotics Campaign Selection Competition,” and the “World Wetlands Day Series”. In these activities, young generation can learn the scientific knowledge of different categories, the spirit of learning science, and reinforce the scientific thinking. MAPST contributes to the cultivation of scientific and technical personnel in Macau.

       MAPST has focused on cooperation with various scientific and technological organizations in Macau and other countries for many years, especially with the China Association for Science and Technology, and the associations of Science and Technology of many provinces, cities and autonomous regions. In recent years, MAPST is commissioned by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology to organize a delegation from the Macau scientific and technological community to attend the "Annual Meeting of the China Association of Science and Technology". In 2015 and 2017, MAPST also coordinated the "Macau Forum for Collaborative Innovative" and the "Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macau Collaborative Innovation Forum (Macau)", which is organized by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the China Association for Science and Technology.In addition, MAPST also visits, exchanges, and learns with other scientific and technological societies to promote closer scientific and technological cooperation. MAPST and Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA) have in-depth cooperation and exchanges, and MAPST will cooperate with CSA in 2019 to bid for the “International Aerospace Conference 2022” and settled in Macau.